Humanitarian Assistance

A word from Auxilia-USA founder, Jim Van Laak


If you would like to help Auxilia-US, please contact us at [email protected].

There are many worthy charities engaged in the big trouble spots of the world.  But those big organizations can not help everyone, so they often focus on the biggest problems while leaving many smaller groups to fend for themselves. 

@uxilia Foundation is a non-partisan association of small non-profits based in Italy.  Its members carry out voluntary activities in the field of social-welfare, education, health, and the protection and promotion of human rights, mainly through the voluntary and free services of its members.  Because it is an association of smaller groups, its activities can help many who would otherwise be overlooked.

In order to achieve the greatest possible impact with your dollars, Auxilia-USA has partnered with this talented foundation to support its worthy projects by giving it access to the generosity of the American people.  When you support its existing network of people and facilities, your contributions go to helping those in need and not paying for additional overhead costs.

 Please check out the many humanitarian projects that the @uxilia Foundation has underway.

And thank you for your support.